Aralık 30, 2010

2011'e GİRERKEN...

Tüm PDA Üyelerine mutlu, sağlıklı, verimli bir yeni yıl diliyoruz...

Aralık 20, 2010

Crop Diversity Topics no.24 2010

A decade ago, internet mania coursed through the world’s equity markets. For a brief time, Cisco, a maker of internet routers and switchers (does anyone really know what they do?) had the highest market value of any company in the world. Stock markets wobbled with intoxication in a huge and historic investment bubble. The pop was inevitable. So was the hangover.

Today we have a genebank bubble. Someone needs to say it. The message will not be welcomed, just as warnings of the internet bubble were derisively dismissed while the bubble and the risk grew larger and larger.

What’s a genebank bubble and what evidence do we have of one?


Crop Diversity Topics no.24 2010: